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MT Сент-Джулианс - Мальта

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  • 4.8477 Star Rating: Recommended
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Sandro M.

Опубликовано Sandro M.

Во Апрель 2016

The best English school in my opinion.

I spent just three weeks in Malta studying at EC s... Читать далее

Nataliia S.

Опубликовано Nataliia S.

Во Март 2016

Amazing time in EC school in Malta!

I spent 3 weeks in EC school. It was a great time ... Читать далее

Jessica O.

Опубликовано Jessica O.

Во Январь 2016


I really enjoyed my time in Malta not only because... Читать далее


EC Malta
Language House
Marguerite Mangion Street
Почтовый индекс : STJ 02
Город : St. Julian's
Страна : Malta

Тел. : +356 23790575
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Sandro M.

Опубликовано Sandro M. ()

Во Апрель 2016

The best English school in my opinion.

I spent just three weeks in Malta studying at EC school, but to me this short amount of time was amazing because I meet new friends, great teachers and great staff as well. If you want to improve your English using the right way to do that, you need to know EC Malta I highly recommend it to you.
Thank you very much EC Malta for this amazing and surprising experience.

Nataliia S.

Опубликовано Nataliia S. ()

Во Март 2016

Amazing time in EC school in Malta!

I spent 3 weeks in EC school. It was a great time with very professional teachers, friendly staff and the best friends. Many thanks and respect to all people that you help me to study English. Malta is a beautiful island. It was very nice experience.

Jessica O.

Опубликовано Jessica O. (cali - Colombia)

Во Январь 2016 - Colombia


I really enjoyed my time in Malta not only because it is a beautiful country but also because this school and their teachers made this a life changing experience for me.

EC school is a wonderful place to learn English as you have fun during and after class.

If you want to make new friends from other countries and improve your English in an interesting way, I truly recommend this school.



Nadya G.

Опубликовано Nadya G. (Novosibirsk - Russia)

Во Ноябрь 2015 - Russia

Summer never ends:)

Before going to EC school I'd been hoping to have an interesting time learning language, but my expectations failed. I haven't been learning English only. I've been learning many cultures, lovely customs, even simply how people meet each other in different countries) Being in class, I picked up how to express my opinion about topics I've never spoken in my native language even, and many other skills, which are so important in everyday life. With classmates I discussed different systems of education, medical care, jobs. I delved into that atmosphere.
The teachers are amazing people passionate about thier work. Also the stuff is extremely friendly and helpful. Everything's been done by the school to make that learning experience fantastic! I'm grateful for that!)
For sure Malta is a perfect place to have a great holiday with a soft climate and alluring sea.
I hope to be able to go to Malta again someday.
Thank you EC!

Catherine C.

Опубликовано Catherine C. (France)

Во Октябрь 2015 - France


Je pense que cette école est bien organisée et sérieuse.
J'ai eu la chance d'avoir en plus des cours collectifs , un cour particulier chaque jour.

La visite de l'île est intéressante, j'ai aussi pensé à donner du chocolat suisse pour les enfants malades de l'hôpital.
Une riche expérience!
Catherine CHENAL

Nataša L.

Опубликовано Nataša L. (Olomouc - Czech Republic)

Во Август 2015 - Czech Republic


One of the best experience in my professional and private life. It was really unforgotable, amazing. The teachers are very professional with outstanding teaching skills. EC staff is helpful. Malta itself is lovely island. People in Malta are friendy.
Thank you very much.

Daniel R.

Опубликовано Daniel R. (Vítkov - Czech Republic)

Во Август 2015 - Czech Republic

Best time ever

I had the best time of my life at EC scholl.
Everything was perfect. The teachers was friendly ,funny and happy to help you in yours improving of English Lessons.
They offered many activites after school to met a new friends. Thank you once a again for this experience

Péter V.

Опубликовано Péter V. ()

Во Август 2015

The best school ever! :)

The best expereince in my life! :)
Everybody is really helpful and kind. All of my lessons were improving, my teachers helped me a lot.
The activities were well-organized and enjoyable. Our apartement was comfortable, and had a huge balcony, living room and all of the important facilities.
Thanks for my new friends for the unforgettable experiences, my teachers Lorraine and Simon for the teaching and all of the staff for the helping.
Perfect school, everybody should learn here.
All the best for everybody!

Magali M.

Опубликовано Magali M. ()

Во Август 2015

Great experience

I Liked EC Malta because it's a very serious school with excellent teachers. I was in a class for 30 years + and it was nice to talk with adults.

Olivier C.

Опубликовано Olivier C. (TOULOUSE - France)

Во Июнь 2015 - France

So good experience !!!

With very good teachers, an incredible organisation, a lot of different activities, dinners and evenings, ... it was really incredible, pleasent, friendly, amazing ...
I hope you'll test the course witg EC ! Moreover, don't forget that Malta is a very interesting and historical place !!!

Suelen S.

Опубликовано Suelen S. (Laranjeiras - )

Во Ноябрь 2014

Excellent school!

A fantastic school, that's the right word! Classes are dynamic and teachers are committed to develop all our skills: writing, speaking and listening. There is a concern about running away from classical lessons and there is always an extra activity focused on improving the learning line. I would certainly recommend the school, my evolution was evident!

Carlos S.

Опубликовано Carlos S. (Madrid - Spain)

Во Сентябрь 2014 - Spain


If you are looking for a rich experience, EC Malta is the best place, without doubt. Not just for learning english that of course you will, but for the teachers, the team, the partners, friends.... they are a great family. They are very next to you in each help you need. In general, was very funny share my holydays wiht EC Malta this summer. Im sure that I will go next year to EC, maybe EC San Diego, because the experience was incredible. Sincerely, you have to go to EC School . The best school ever!!! Thanks Bernard and all the EC team, Many thanks EC for the great experience!!! I wont never forget :)

Marie S.

Опубликовано Marie S. (Moscow - Russia)

Во Август 2014 - Russia

Best summer in my life

I thank all people of EC team, because the organization was fabulous! It was amazing time! I met many new friends from whole world! I will advise the school to everyone! I hope to come back in next summer! See you!

Kat R.

Опубликовано Kat R. (Eltingen - )

Во Май 2014

any time again

Had a great time at that school. Teachers are very friendly, qualified and having and using all skills wich are needed.
The staff is very friendly and helpful.
Lessons are very powerful and the learning material is very good.
Two weeks only have been a little less. Next time I would stay at least 3 weeks.

Martin K.

Опубликовано Martin K. (France)

Во Май 2014 - France

Martin experience

When i spoke with other students i didn't understand anything. But now i speak fluente and i understand. EC Malta it's best school to improve your English. It was verry nice experience with the students came all around the world.

Stephan R.

Опубликовано Stephan R. (Sommeri TG - Switzerland)

Во Октябрь 2013 - Switzerland

Really worth a visit!

I only spent a bit more than a week in Malta. But it was enough to fall in love with this magnificent Island. One reason for my feeling at ease with this wonderful place was not least EC Malta and the competent teachers and guides (thank you Laura!). I'm sure to come back at the first opportunity. Thanks again.

Marina L.

Опубликовано Marina L. (Ukraine)

Во Август 2013 - Ukraine

Very good memories and many thanks...

I am so happy that I chose Malta for my English Business course this summer. I keep coming back because of the quality of teaching, friendly and warm atmosphere in the class and outside of the school. Malta is a great place to meet new nice people, to connect studying English and relaxed rest. We were lucky to have our teachers in our course - Lorraine Pirotta and Simon Waker, the teachers are very professional, polite, intelligent, highly experienced in doing business, management as well as teaching English students. Many thanks and great respect to our Teachers, EC school staff, my classmates that you gave me a lot happiness!

Olga K.

Опубликовано Olga K. (Ekaterinburg - Russia)

Во Июль 2013 - Russia

An amazing experience

We have spent 4 weeks in EC Malta in July, 2013, together with my husband. We both were 26 at the moment, and we both have studied in TOEFL exam class.
EC Malta is a school of the highest standard. All the classrooms are well-equipped, every classroom is well conditioned. EC Staff members are caring and attentive. All our teachers were British, with excellent teaching skills; they all have used different and progressive teaching methods. In addition to mandatory lessons school provides a lot of extra classes, which are free of charge. Not to mention that Malta itself is an admirable island with friendly people, who speak English fluently. Also, we have met a lot of interesting people from all over the globe (Germany, Columbia, Italy, Turkey, Japan). We both have improved greatly thanks to those 4 weeks, and we also have taken TOEFL exam in Malta because we gained enough confidence to do so. If I were to recommend a way to spend a vacation, which would be both pleasant and educating, or a place to improve one's English skills, I would advise anyone to visit EC Malta.

Duzan R.

Опубликовано Duzan R. (France)

Во Июль 2013 - France


I spent two great weeks with EC! The staff is adorable and very funny! The days and evenings organized by EC are unforgettable... thank you EC for these two dream weeks

Graziano B.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Опубликовано Graziano B. (San Giovanni Valdarno - Italy)

Во Июнь 2013 - Italy

Best school ever!

Teachers that any student would love to have in own school. School that any teacher would love to work in.

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