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PA Буке - Панама

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  • 4.9643 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 4.9643 Star Rating: Recommended
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James M.

Опубликовано James M.

Во Февраль 2016

Great School - Great People - Great Location

If you want to learn or improve your Spanish Langu... Читать далее

Flora B.

Опубликовано Flora B.

Во Февраль 2016

quality instruction!!

I studied at Habla Ya in Boquete for 2 weeks. I w... Читать далее

Antje V.

Опубликовано Antje V.

Во Февраль 2016

Great location for a School

only can say good things about Habla Ya in Boquete... Читать далее


Central Avenue
Los Establos Plaza 20-24
Почтовый индекс : 0413
Город : Boquete
Страна : Panama

Тел. : +507 730-8344
Latest student review

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James M.

Опубликовано James M. (Volcan - Panama)

Во Февраль 2016 - Panama

Great School - Great People - Great Location

If you want to learn or improve your Spanish Language Skills and you’re interested in doing that in a beautiful mountain town with an eternal spring like climate year round you won’t find a better place than the Habla Ya Spanish School in Boquete, Chiriquí, Panamá.
Of course you probably won’t be in school all day, so better to be in a place that is beautiful with lots of other activities to keep you busy when you are not studying.
Before relocating to Panamá my wife and I decided it was imperative to learn the language if we wanted to live in the countryside among Panamanian families. After doing a considerable amount of research we chose Habla Ya’s Boquete campus.
We were given placement tests and assigned to classes appropriate to our skill level – I started at the beginning never having been good with languages in my youth. My first class (group) was with Kimberly who is an awesome Boquete native and great teacher. Group classes, which meet four hours daily, are fun as you get to meet students from all over the world and student interactions can be quite hilarious. We’re all there for the same reason and everyone lends assistance when needed; it’s a great way to make new friends.
After a long break for a visit to the U.S. for the Thanksgiving Holiday I returned to Habla Ya and made a decision to take private lessons (2 hours daily) and what a great choice it was. With my new teacher Ladys I found that I was learning much more in half the time. In a private setting Ladys was able to focus soley on me and my abilities. Being the consummate professional, Ladys has the patience of a saint and is a gifted teacher. I am not fluent by a long shot by I can now communicate and get my message across to people that do not speak a word of English. Ladys and Habla Ya have given me the knowledge and confidence to go out in the real world of Panamá improving my language skills as I go.
Everyone at Habla Ya including the front office personnel, administrators and teachers are great… it’s like having a big family here in Panamá. Highly recommended!

Flora B.

Опубликовано Flora B. ()

Во Февраль 2016

quality instruction!!

I studied at Habla Ya in Boquete for 2 weeks. I was very pleased with the quality of instruction. I was initially placed in a small group class with Leidys. However, during the first couple of hours she noticed from my speech that I already knew some of the subjects her class was going to cover. Therefore she suggested I move to a higher class. I was impressed that she was paying close enough attention to my speech to recognize this (there were 5 people in the class), and that she took the initiative to suggest a change. She was a wonderful teacher, by the way, and I know the rest of the group really enjoyed being in her class. So then I ended up changing to private lessons because it turned out I was between levels. So for the rest of the time I studied 2 hours a day with Tamara. Tamara was great! She was patient, encouraging and flexible. Several times I requested schedule changes and she accommodated me each time. Since I really wanted to improve my ability to speak, she let me work on that, and listened patiently and corrected me gently as I spoke. She did it just the right amount so that I didn't get discouraged and could feel more confident about it. Tamara always paid attention and seemed interested in my topics. As my ability grew, we were able to have some really good conversations and she shared information about herself as well. By the time the 2 weeks were up, not only was I much better at having a conversation in Spanish, I also had a new friend in Panama.

Antje V.

Опубликовано Antje V. (Germany)

Во Февраль 2016 - Germany

Great location for a School

only can say good things about Habla Ya in Boquete, a wonderful place to study. The school is well organized,the staff friendly and helpful.
I had both, an individual and a group class for two weeks in January 2016.
My teacher Leidys Pitti was excellent, helping me a lot to improve my Spanish.
Our lessons were all very entertaining having so many topics to speak about.
Leidys, being such an open minded young women taught me a lot about live and culture of Panama and made me practice my Spanish by showing interest in all my concerns.The work in small groups (we were only 2 students for the first and 4 for the second week) was very effective too and the broad range of teaching materials used made it a great fun. I can highly recommend this school. Antje

Gail W.

Опубликовано Gail W. (USA)

Во Январь 2016 - USA

Excellent language school

Habla Ya is a fantastic Spanish school. The teachers are professional, dedicated and talented, and well-prepared to teach any level, beginning to advanced. The school staff and administrators put forth incredible effort to make sure that their clients have a positive experience both inside and outside the classroom.
I am a Spanish teacher, and spent 4 weeks at Habla Ya Boquete last summer, studying 5 hrs a day. My two teachers, Yubal Tapia and Leidys Pitti, were both wonderful. At my suggestion, Yubal and I read the first 10 chapters of Don Quijote together, and it was a fun and rewarding exploration of that classic text. Leidys and I worked on the material of the C1 course of study. Their methods and materials are excellent. With both teachers I enjoyed far-reaching discussions on a wide variety of topics.
I was checking out the school for my high school students, and I highly recommend it. Every week there was a slightly different mix of students there, and I enjoyed that diverse community of language learners. Habla Ya arranged activities to explore the area , selected host families (mine was wonderful!) and was a great resource for all of us as we explored the area. Habla Ya is an outstanding organization!

Leslie S.

Опубликовано Leslie S. (Boquete - Panama)

Во Ноябрь 2015 - Panama

1st course completed!

Just finished my first 10 week course at Habla ya. It was great! Content was fun and challenging. I enjoyed the small class of students and Profesora Yorelys is an excellent instructor. I will definitely go back.

Laurence S.

Опубликовано Laurence S. (Ganderkesee - Germany)

Во Ноябрь 2015 - Germany

Advanced Spanish Course

For the fifth time I attended Habla ya Spanish school for private lessons at the level C1/C2. My teachers were Ericka and Leidys, both of whom helped me enomously in the complex written and oral exercises. Not only in their professional capacity but also in their friendly attitudes did the show their competence. I can recommend this school in all aspects for anyone wanting to learn Spanish whatever their level.

Johnny B.

Опубликовано Johnny B. (Brooklyn - USA)

Во Октябрь 2015 - USA

A Fun Learning Experience

I want to thank Habla Ya Panama for an excellent course of study.
I spent 50 hours with Leidys and she is the best teacher I could ever imagine :) She was so friendly, helpful and humorous. The lessons were so much fun! We focused mostly on conversation and continuing my studies with Libro C1. Our conversational topics were quite varied and I increased my vocabulary substantially. I am sure that I will return to Boquete to visit and study with Leidys.
Also, Boquete location is pretty, has great weather and lots of opportunities for outdoor adventures.
So, whether you are in a classroom--or white water rafting--you will enjoy yourself!

Valerie S.

Опубликовано Valerie S. ()

Во Июль 2015

Great Experience at Habla Ya Boquete

I studied Spanish for 4 weeks at Habla Ya in Boquete, and had a great experience! Boquete is a beautiful town in the mountains, with lots of hiking and other outdoor activities available. My teacher, Yaira, is an expert at what she does. She is great at making everyone feel comfortable enough to practice speaking - which we did a lot of. I came here a beginner and learned so much this month. I hope to come back another summer to continue developing my Spanish at Habla Ya.

Marc C.

Опубликовано Marc C. (Canada)

Во Февраль 2015 - Canada

Great experience

I recently attended A2 level classes at Habla Ya's Boquete campus, and I was very impressed with my teacher, Leidys. She has a warm personality, good sense of humour, speaks clearly, and has lots of patience. One day I was not feeling well and was struggling to keep up with the conversational material (unlike me, the other student in the class had already been immersed in Spanish for a few weeks), but Leidys continued to encourage me. My only regret is that I signed up for just one week of classes--certainly 3-4 weeks would have been better if I could have spared the time. I am considering the idea of following up with more lessons via Skype. ¡Muchas gracias, Leidys! I also enjoyed my two-hour private Spanish lesson with Erika, as well as the tours and volunteer experience arranged by Marisa, who was very helpful. I assisted in an informal English as a Second Language class for local residents of Boquete, and met some really nice people. My home-stay went well too, great family! However, Habla Ya should strive to provide more accurate information to students about such things as the availability of hot water and the cost of local taxis.

Annelies V.

Опубликовано Annelies V. (Antwerpen - Belgium)

Во Январь 2015 - Belgium

Habla Ya Boquete

I had a good experience with Habla Ya. I took an 8 week course and this was the first time I took Spanish lessons. The first days I felt a litlle bit overwhelmed because it is a very intense course. I think it is a good format though. You have the opportunity to immediatly start speaking, reading and writing in Spanish. The teacher I had lessons from during 7 weeks is Yaira. She speaks to you mostly just in Spanish. Only for vocabulary and when you really don't understand, she will help you in English. I was very happy with her lessons! Today I even got a spontanious compliment on my GOOD Spanish after using Spanish only starting 4 months ago now. Thanks to Habla Ya and to Yaira I learned a lot!

Sari S.

Опубликовано Sari S. (Houston - )

Во Ноябрь 2014

Boquete Spanish School

I am on my second week so classes. And love it. What a great way to learn a new language. My teacher Laidys is amazing, easy to understand and she makes learning fun, I requested her for my second week and going forward. Would highly recommend the school and Laidys.

Martje O.

Опубликовано Martje O. (Germany)

Во Ноябрь 2014 - Germany

Thank you, Habla Ya!!!

I studied 2 weeks at Habla Ya in Bocas and everyone and everything was better than I expected! Special thanks to Iveth, my private teacher, who was so nice, understanding and always in a good mood. She really knows how to teach people and not let them think that they are learning but just having fun! Gracias por todo!!!

Cheryl N.

Опубликовано Cheryl N. (San Francisco - )

Во Ноябрь 2014

Excellent School and Excellent Teachers

I studied for four weeks in Boquete and two weeks in Bocas, and I couldn't be happier with my experience at Habla Ya. Facilites, classes, activities, home stays- all were excellent. I have been to other language schools, and Habla Ya is top notch.

Jodie T.

Опубликовано Jodie T. (Switzerland)

Во Сентябрь 2014 - Switzerland

Best teachers ever!!!

We had an incredible experience at Habla Ya Boquete with our teacher Tamara - she is the best teacher we have ever had for a language course. She made learning fun and entertaining, and we looked forward to our classes everyday. I wish we could have spent more time with her! Tamara taught us a lot about not only the language, but also about the culture and people. She was very professional and friendly, and I feel we really improved with her as our teacher. I highly recommend Tamara and hope we return next summer for more lessons with her. Thank you Tamara and Habla Ya!
Widad was absolutely fabulous with our children, and they were all sad to leave her. She was so patient with them, and really encouraged them and motivated them. They learned more in one day with her than their sum of the previous classes. They really looked forward to seeing her every day, and were excited to do their homework each night! She had a great variety of teaching methods to keep their attention, and made each class so fun for the children. She was excellent in addressing each of the children's learning styles and was amazing with the 3 different ages and personalities. The children would love to return to her for more lessons, and would rather be in her class in Panama than at their school at home!
The teachers we had were so amazing, that we didn't even notice the time passing so quickly! I can recommend without a doubt Tamara and Widad to anyone who wants to learn Spanish. Gracias!

Ranie M.

Опубликовано Ranie M. (Omaha - )

Во Июль 2014

Great Spanish school!!

Don't look any further! I have been trying so many different ways/schools to learn Spanish, and Habla Ya works!! They are great and have an excellent staff. I don't know how they do it, but it works! I learned so much!

Maya M.

Опубликовано Maya M. (Los Angeles - USA)

Во Июль 2014 - USA

Wonderful Expereince!

I spent three weeks studying at HablaYa in Boquete this summer and loved it. Class sizes were small and the instruction and facilities were great. Widad was a great instructor. She was very patient, knowledgeable and encouraging. The school was so accommodating that I was even able to take my 6-year-old niece with me, who also took classes. Fantastic experience!

Edmund C.

Опубликовано Edmund C. (Dover - USA)

Во Май 2014 - USA

Spanish in Boquete.

Great school! After 2 years of Spanish in university I couldn't conduct a conversation, after 8 weeks at Habla Ya in Panamá I can converse confidently. Such a difference! Wonderful teachers, well trained and very encouraging, and so patient.
If you want to speak Spanish, go to Habla Ya!

Patricia C.

Опубликовано Patricia C. (USA)

Во Май 2014 - USA

Great experience

My husband and I had a wonderful experience studying Spanish at the Habla Ya Spanish School in Panama. The teachers are excellent - well-trained, flexible, helpful, fun and just plain nice people. It felt like being part of a family. More important, after the course we felt that we had learned a lot and could now express ourselves.

Noor R.

Опубликовано Noor R. (Friedrichshain - )

Во Март 2014

Learned Spanish really quick at Habla Ya

My first week at Habla Ya was in Boquete with Araliz and later with Jenny. I booked group lessons but was alone. Both the teachers were patient and knew exactly how a student learns the best. I couldn't speak a word Spanish when I came, after one week I could easily do my groceries and had a simple conversation with strangers. The second week I was at Habla Ya in Bocas del Toro with Iveth, who also is an amazing teacher. She taught us all the verb forms in just one week.
I can recommend Habla Ya to everyone.

Meridian K.

Опубликовано Meridian K. (Kingston - Jamaica)

Во Февраль 2014 - Jamaica

Habla Ya! Vale la pena

Im on the brink of completing my 3 months at Habla Ya Boquete and I must say my experience exceeded my expectations. I have attended other schools in other countries,albeit for shorter periods ,however my experience at Habla Ya Boquete was the best. I ended up selecting Habla Ya because whilst searching the internet for somewhere to go to learn spanish, I came up on this school which only had brilliant reviews and decided that I would have to experience it myself. The learning for the most part is well structured, the teachers professional, the setting intimate and the admin staff extremely helpful. The teachers did a good job in selecting topics for discussions interesting and relevant to everyday life to complement the content of the textbooks. I was travelling alone and taking classes for four hours per day in a group setting. However for more than four weeks of that time I was alone in class with my teacher as there was no else at my level. My classes were therefore the focal point of my day. And at this juncture I must mention my teacher or rather more so my friend, Leidys Pitti. I had Leidys from the outset and therefore we had time to forge a friendship. I am truly grateful for her professionalism, helpfulness, camaraderie , and having the uncanny ability to make me look forward to classes everyday. I enjoyed our classes alone even more than those in a group and Leidys never failed to make me feel like each day I came away with something new. As part of our class experience we went shopping and to lunch together, she provided me with material and tips for my journey throughout the rest of Panama, no subject was off limits, she was always available by phone and just has one of the most pleasant personalities ever; at all times she projected an image of genuine interest and pleasure to be in my company; she never lost an opportunity to provide me with assistance and I because of this had no intimidation to learn, speak, make and laugh at my own mistakes.
Habla Ya isn't perfect, but it might be the nearest you will get to perfection...smile. I hope you too enjoy your experience

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